House/Apt. Cleaning

Included Items 
Items Available for an Additional Cost


All appliances wiped down

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Cob webbing completed

Cabinets wiped down

Trash emptied

Tables wiped down

Patio doors cleaned

Microwave cleaned inside & out



All beds made

All furniture and pictures dusted

Cob webbing completed

All blinds dusted

All carpets vacuumed

All wood floors mopped

Ceiling fans dusted


Everything dusted

Cob webbing completed

Blinds dusted

All carpets vacuumed

All wood floors vacummed & damp mopped

Ceiling fans dusted

All furniture vacuumed inside & out

Dust baseboards


Cob webbing completed

Toilets cleaned thoroughly

Counters wiped down thoroughly

Showers & tubs cleaned thoroughly

Floors vacuumed & mopped completely

Mirrors cleaned completely

Baseboards washed


Cob webbing completed

Washer & Dryer wiped down

Floors vacuumed & mopped


Cob webbing completed

Fans & light fixtures dusted

Floors vacuumed & mopped

Dust/Polish all furniture

Dust baseboards

*** Trash emptied in all rooms

*** All banisters dusted

*** All foyers vacuumed & mopped

*** Baseboards & interior doors washed as needed

*** One patio door washed inside (always)

*** One patio door washed outside when the 

      weather permits

Stove hood cleaned inside

Refrigerator cleaned inside

Oven cleaned inside

Clean all reachable windows inside

Wash & Dry laundry

Blinds washed

Any other mutually agreed upon task

 Todd (574) 855-0143 

 Christine  (574) 855-0173